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Guest 14 days ago



Shellywolfe1029 22 days ago

12 - 8" OR 20 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

The best Cheese steak in town and around the bay area. I've live in the area for many years and PhillyPhlava is the Best!

Klreese39 26 days ago


I live in Orlando and I love Philly cheese steaks but have yet to find a place locally that I like and boy have I tried. Some years ago after going to the beach in St. Petersburg, I googled to find the best cheese steak location in the area and Philly Phlava came up. At that time there were two locations available. Me and my family went and have been going ever since whenever we travel to Tampa or pass by. We were sad to see the other location closed but were thankful that there is still one open! My husband is taking his mother to a doctor's visit today in Tampa and I was sure to tell him that he had to stop and get the whole family cheese steaks to bring home as they are the best by far. I have recommended Philly Phlava to anyone that I know will be visiting Tampa! P

More about 1 month ago


Pantastic steak and cheese. The fries cooked fresh every time. Did I mention its cheap too? What's not to love?

Saintslady about 1 month ago


Keith and the crew are always amazing!! Our cheese steaks are amazing! The steak and egg breakfast wrap rocks! Thanks guys!! Hope

Kmessinaxx about 2 months ago


Best Bay fries I've ever had. You get a lot for your money and the bay isn't overly seasoned on the fries. You have to come and try them!! I almost want to come every day for them. Haha

Cjavage 3 months ago


They make the best Philly CheeseSteaks in Tampa plus great staff. Thank you for great food and service!

Carlricco 3 months ago


Listen, I'm a frequent traveler and before I moved to Tampa I would frequent a certain east coast city with a famous sandwich. I at the sandwiches on South Street, I visited the big two (touristy spots), I ate at small counter service places that no one but locals ever talk about. I'm disgusted by renditions of cheesesteaks that other cities try to pass off as authentic. I've ate steaks at exactly two places outside of Philly that actually can use the word authentic. They can actually call their sandwiches cheesesteaks without a wink and a nod. PhillyPhlava and the Great Steak and Hoagie in Twinsburg Ohio. PhillyPhlava makes authentic cheesesteaks. I eat them after daydrinking, I eat them for dinner, I have them for lunch... I get the bay fries. I order two, sometimes three sandwiches. It tastes like Philly. Chopped steak, Whiz (while we are on the subject of Whiz, I have a major problem with places offering cheesesteaks with ONLY provolone and having no Whiz on the menu whatsoever. It's an abomination and an absolute misstep). I haven't had anything else on their menu, everything looks good but i dont go there for a Hoagie. I want a cheesesteaks.

Honestlylauren 5 months ago


I got the meatball parm hoagie and it was literally THE BEST HOAGIE I've ever had!!! I've also had their cheese steaks which are amazing of course. The staff were very friendly and it was a good atmosphere over all.

Guest 5 months ago


Incredibly filling. There's a good reason so many people have liked this item.

Jessicadianeg 5 months ago

12 - 8" OR 20 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

I've been a Florida resident for almost 4 years now. Im a South Philadelphia native, & let me tell you something. It took me some time, money, peoples opinions on a good steak or a bad stomach ache. Philly Phlava absolutely caught me by surprise after everything else I've tried here in Florida. This was the i was looking for to bring me back home. Philly Phlava def has my respect

Gladysquinones 6 months ago


I had the pizza steak combo with fries and drink. My friend had the cheese steak combo. Food was delicious! The staff was friendly and service was quick. I would go there again.

Crozanski33 6 months ago


This place is awesome!!! Hoagie roll was so fresh melted in my mouth. Will have a hard time staying away....service excellent. A cheesesteak worth craving!!!

Tpalauren 7 months ago


I love everything from philly phlava. But the buffalo chicken fries are my absolute favorite! They are seasoned so perfectly and it's just the right amount of buffalo.

Megan 7 months ago


Well, I figured I needed to put in a good word since I feel I order their cheese steak salad a few times a week lol ( and of course the cheesesteaks for a few Dr's I work with who love them). This by far is one of my favorite salads ever! I'm on a diet ( I know, sad) so this protein packed salad helps me feel like im cheating but in actuality i'm not :) I also use their delivery service since its hard to leave work for a short lunch break and best news is they are even cheaper than any food delivery service to use! Thank you for my yummy lunches Philly Phlava!!! I don't even wan't to look at my credit card statement since I know your name will be all over it lol.

Tpalauren 7 months ago


I loved my cheesesteak. It was the perfect amount of cheese along with onions and green peppers. I will always recommend this place

Joliciawalker98 9 months ago


This Philly Is So Good Every time their at st Joseph's Hospital I'm Always there to get the Philly cheesesteak the

Vetepalcaraho 10 months ago

12 - 8" OR 20 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

The best in tampa!

Kaejae31 10 months ago


Wonderful !! I order this pretty much every time I order from Philly - the sauce is great - meatballs are cooked perfectly - you will not be disappointed

Sdorn 11 months ago


Grew up in Phila area and these are legit. The right bread, whiz or prov and extras. Great side options and great service , I highly recommend.

Rknowles92 20 days ago


Cheesesteak was fiahhh! Cheese fries was fiahhh! The wata was fiahhh! The napkins was soft! 10/10 on the napkins! Keep doing your thing Philly Phlava!!!

Amosko26 24 days ago

24 - 8" OR 40 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

Take it from someone born and raised in Philly. If you want a really good authentic cheese steak in the Tampa area, visit Philly Phlava. You will not be disappointed! T

Dstamm 27 days ago


Best cheese steak outside of Pat's or Geno's in Philly or D&J's in Reading. All the right stuff down to the Amoroso rolls. Simply the best

Jsbbouldin about 1 month ago

24 - 8" OR 40 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

We had the philly cheesesteak, barbecue wings fries and a hotdog... My philly was amazing and our picky kids loved the wings and hotdog..! You have earned some loyal customers! Great food!! Thank you!

Kfara722 about 2 months ago


Our favorite cheesesteak. Always delicious

Bchilly3 2 months ago

12 - 8" OR 20 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

I got their cheesesteaks and their Italian hoagie amazing on from Philly all of Philly food

Mackeralsnatcher 3 months ago

12 - 8" OR 20 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

I was born and raised in Philly and their cheesesteaks rival any I've ever tasted. They do it right.

Jklaric 4 months ago


It was phantastic

Vpaul2808 5 months ago


Who would have ever thought they could have turned CAULIFLOWER into something so delicious! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!

Guest 5 months ago


SO GOOD. Initially, a teriyaki chicken sandwich sounds iffy, but the final product is unexpectedly fantastic. Frankly, I think it's even better than their cheesesteak.

Cosmicpyrhha 6 months ago


Good food, good employees, overall good experience.

Nursedeb17 6 months ago

12 - 8" OR 20 - 5" CHEESESTEAKS

I'm a Pennsylvania girl orginally from Allentown so I was so glad I found .Philly phlava they have the best cheesteak and birch beer in town, reminds me of home. Come try them you won't be disappointed.

Wickedgreentech 6 months ago


Oh my goodness talk about a true Philly cheesesteak .. Great hoagie - meat and cheese they have a variety of cheeses to choose from which I like variety .. I have had a wide variety of there foods and I have been satisfied and very happy with them all from cheesesteak sliders - wings (great flavorful hot sauce ) - blt and club blt they slice the meat fresh - fries are oh my god to die for especially garbage fries . Great staff with wicked great customer service . So happy I found this joint and highly highly recommend come support this wicked awesome local business and eat so wickedly insane grub ..

Meichtry2 7 months ago


Delicious!! Found this place right by the house and was super impressed! The Philly cheese steaks were also amazing

Rlawrence 7 months ago


Best cheesesteak hands down! You want authentic? Then you had better come here. Tampa has always known how to do Cubans. Now we are giving Philadelphia a run for their money on the cheesesteak sandwich!

Zachc3021 8 months ago


Great fries would definitely order again.

Davidbates 10 months ago


Hands down, the absolute BEST cheese steak you can get. From the rolls, to the soda, to the staff and their personality and the incredible is literally like walking into a cheese steak joint in Philadelphia. PhillyPhlava ROCKS!

Ckerrutt 10 months ago


My Co-worker told us about your food and we decieded to try it and it was absolutely the best I've had

Jaysin86 10 months ago

THE PACINO - Our Italian Hoagie Playin a Cuban

The PACINO was actually really impressive.. 10/10 will visit again.

Lshauser91 11 months ago


These cheesesteaks are great! I don't know of too many places to get a true authentic cheesesteak like this.


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